A new video to promote the PERCÉ internship program

RUSTICO – Jan. 4, 2021 – RDÉE Prince Edward Island has just launched a brand new 2-minute, 40-second video to promote its PERCÉ internship program. Stéphane Blanchard, RDÉE’s youth development officer, who serves as narrator, explains the program’s criteria and the benefits of participating for both postsecondary students and employers who hire these interns.

Many photos of past and recent participants are featured. In addition, there are great testimonials from former participants Daniel Gallant (now with Key Murray Law) and Jason Buote (who did his summer internship at PEI Analytical Laboratories). Finally, we learn how to enroll in the program, either as an intern or as an employer.

A French version of the video was first produced by Jean Lavergne from DigiFilm médiaPresse. A second version (seen here) features English subtitles.