Adèle Arsenault wins beautiful bicycle in a local drawing competition

ABRAM-VILLAGE – Oct. 27, 2020 –
Young Adèle Arsenault had no idea at the beginning of October that she would win a beautiful purple Cadbury bicycle, simply for drawing a picture of the workshop used by her father’s company, AJ Repairs, in Abram-Village.

She was extremely and pleasantly surprised to learn, on Oct. 23rd, that it was her name that was randomly drawn from all the entries in the drawing contest, which was held for the first time this year during Co-op and Small Business Weeks. Smaller prizes were drawn for 44 other children.

Contest organizers were impressed to see that 107 children aged 4 to 14 years from the Evangeline region accepted the invitation to draw a representation of a local co-operative or small business; they expected only half that number.

Participants had the choice of drawing the building, the employees at work, or the clients who were receiving services. A wide variety of subjects were drawn; however, the most popular featured businesses were the Wellington Co-op, Wellington Esso, the Coopérative de développement culturel et patrimonial de Mont-Carmel (Mont-Carmel parish hall), Le Chez-nous Co-operative, the Évangéline-Central Credit Union and the Evangeline Recreation Centre.

The Conseil scolaire-communautaire Évangéline (CSCÉ) took on the responsibility of distributing and collecting entry forms and drawings from at Evangeline School. The contest became a class project in some instances.

The Wellington Co-op offered the main prize, the bicycle, while the CSCÉ, the Évangéline-Central Credit Union, RDÉE Prince Edward Island, the Acadian and Francophone Chamber of Commerce of PEI and the Wellington Rural Action Centre contributed the other 44 prizes.


Abby Hardy – 11 years old – sunglasses
Abigail MacWilliams – 11 years old – night reading lamp
Alec Gallant – 6 years old – salad container
Amélie Côté – 7 years old – sunglasses
Austin McPhee – ? years old – sunglasses
Baylee Richard – 11 years old – notebook
Benoit Arsenault – 7 years old – frisbee
Breeanna Ramsay – 9 years old – sunglasses
Bryson Wilson – 9 years old – backpack
Callie Arsenault – 9 years old – notebook
Casen Arsenault – 9 years old – sunglasses
Charlotte Smith – 6 years old – bouncy ball
Dallas MacPhee-Lane – 8 years old – Chuck and Albert CD
Damien Bernard – 9 years old – notebook
Doriane Ondura – 8 years old – notebook
Dylan Gallant – 8 years old – stilts
Emersyn Caissie – 7 years old – mason jar mug
Emma Arsenault – 9 years old – notebook
Emma Cerisano – 14 years old – sunglasses
Emmalynn Robichaud – 11 years old – notebook
Félix Sonier – 5 years old – notebook
Hailey Jeffery – 8 years old – notebook
Isabelle Gallant – 8 years old – notebook
Janie Arsenault – 7 years old – lunch box
Jayden Wagner – 5 years old – bouncy ball
Jessie Gallant – 9 years old – lunch box
Kaissandra Fisk – 10 years old – night reading lamp
Leah Arsenault – 5 years old – lunch box
Leah Richard – 5 years old – sunglasses
Lexie Arsenault – 11 years old – sunglasses
Liam Rayner – 6 years old – stress ball
Lindsey Arsenault – 6 years old – bouncy ball
Macy Richard – 7 years old – mason jar mug
Magalie Perry – 4 years old – Gadelle CD
Maya Arsenault – 7 years old – lunch box
Noah Gallant – 11 years old – lunch box
Olivia Milligan – 7 years old – sunglasses
Owen – 9 years old – notebook
Paige Bernard – 11 years old – mason jar mug
Porter – 6 years – sunglasses
Samuel Côté – 6 years old – mason jar mug
Sarah Wagner – age 7 – mason jar mug
Sofie – 6 years old – lunch box
Walker Bernard – 9 years old – lunch box

RDÉE Prince Edward Island also gave a pencil and a notebook to each of the competitors.



PHOTO: Young Adèle Arsenault was extremely pleased to find out she had won this bicycle, thanks to her participation in a drawing contest organized on the occasion of Co-op and Small Business Week. She is showing her drawing of her father’s workshop.