All hail meteorologist Gerald Reichheld !

WELLINGTON, PEI – Oct. 17, 2012 – Léonce Bernard, left, as well as 21 other co-operators and residents of the Evangeline region were well informed about weather and various atmospheric conditions Oct. 16 in Wellington during an hour-and-a-half discussion with retired meteorologist Gerald Reichheld.

This session, organized by Le Bel Âge Residential Co-op on the occasion of Co-op Week, greatly interested the participants, who asked countless questions.

The weather man, who used to work for the CFB Summerside weather station, explained in simple terms various atmospheric phenomena, including the formation of snowflakes and hail pellets, tornadoes, hurricanes, rainbows, thunder, lightning and various other ones.

He also spoke of the various types of clouds and about the rain cycle. His presentation was greatly appreciated.