Another great year of sales for the Francophone Young Millionaires

CHARLOTTETOWN – December 10, 2019 – An impressive record of 28 young Francophones from across the province sold more than $15,000 worth of products of all kinds through their 19 small businesses last summer. They earned combined profits in excess of $10,400.

They were able to attain such great return thanks to Jeunes millionnaires (the Francophone edition of the Young Millionaires program), which is managed by RDÉE Prince Edward Island, says Stéphane Blanchard, the RDÉE’s youth development officer who oversees the program’s coordination.

« Our Young Millionaires this year, all aged 9 to 16, come from the West Prince, Evangeline, Rustico, Charlottetown and Souris regions. They offered a very wide range of products, such as bath bombs, toys, souvenirs, jewelry, decorations, candles, greeting cards, candy, vegetables and even stress balls and reusable shopping bags, » he explained.

In late spring and early summer, the youth had the opportunity to participate in three workshops, in their own schools, to learn the basics of entrepreneurship, including business plans, market research, customer service, quality control, budgets and more. They were then asked to present their business plan to the program coordinators during individual interviews.

Each company received a grant (up to $100 for individuals and up to $150 for partnerships) to help it owners set up shop and purchase raw materials. In late June and early July, the young entrepreneurs then set to work to produce and sell their products, sometimes with the support of their parents.

« This year, we funded youth entrepreneurial projects for a total of $1,935, including $920 for sole proprietors and $1,015 for partnerships, » said Blanchard.

The program coordination team had also prepared a list of nine activities, events and festivals in which the youth could participate to sell their products; some of these activities lasted several days. In addition, the young businesspeople identified additional points of sale on their own, often in their homes, neighborhoods or communities.

A celebration evening for the Young Millionaires was held Aug. 28 at the Carrefour de l’Isle-Saint-Jean in Charlottetown. During the evening, the youth enjoyed pizza; each participant then gave a speech about his or her summer entrepreneurial experience and each received a certificate of participation.

« There is every reason to believe that the program will be renewed next year and we are already looking forward to seeing the ingenious ideas of our Young Millionaires! » concludes Blanchard.

The Young Millionaires Program is managed provincially by the Central Development Corporation.


PHOTO : Young Millionaire Abigail MacWilliams, a partner of the company SA Stuff, shows the products she sold to help relieve sore muscles during a tent sale last summer in Abram-Village.



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