Charlottetown seeking the right to host the 2015 Jeux de l’Acadie Finals

CHARLOTTETOWN, PEI –April 26, 2012 –The City of Charlottetown has just confirmed that it will soon submit a bid to serve as host municipality for the 36th Finals of the Jeux de l’Acadie (Acadian Games) in late June 2015.

City Council enthusiastically adopted a motion to that effect during its regular April monthly meeting. The proposal must be submitted no later than the end of June. The official announcement of the host municipality will take place in October during the annual meeting of the Société des Jeux de l’Acadie Inc.

“The Acadian and Francophone communities are extremely important to the cultural fabric of our city, contributing greatly to our development and identity,” said Mayor Clifford Lee. “We are excited to be working with them during this bidding process and, hopefully, on the organization of this large sport event, which will have a significant impact on our city.”

Generally, a Final of the Jeux de l’Acadie traditionally attracts 1,400 young athletes and coaches from all over Atlantic Canada. In addition, approximately 2,000 parents and friends usually tag along to watch the athletes compete. The event as a whole generates an economic impact in the range of $1.5 to $1.7 million.

Émile Gallant, president of the Carrefour de l’Isle-Saint-Jean’s community council, the spokesgroup for Acadians and Francophones from the Greater Charlottetown area, said he is extremely excited about the municipal support received to support the proposal for 2015.

“We had submitted a proposal to host the 2014 Finals and we were extremely close to winning. Our committee met this past winter and decided to revamp our proposal and to prepare one that would be even stronger than the first one,” he explained.

Gallant noted that the Evangeline region hosted two successful Jeux Finals over the years. He therefore feels that the Charlottetown region could do the same and would be able to recruit the 600-800 volunteers required to host the event.


For more information:

Wayne Long
City of Charlottetown

Émile Gallant
Carrefour de l’Isle-Saint-Jean’s community council