Beautiful children’s drawings submitted to Co-op and Small Business Week contest

WELLINGTON – Oct. 24, 2022 – Children in the Evangeline region seem to be paying more and more attention to the businesses and co-ops that surround them, judging by the drawings they submitted to the Co-op and Small Business Week drawing contest. And that was exactly the intent of the contest: to encourage children to become more familiar with local businesses and co-ops and the services or products they offer.

The 49 children from kindergarten to Grade 6 who participated offered their artistic interpretation of a variety of businesses: stores, garages and gas stations, restaurants, recreation centers, banking institutions and, often, the businesses of their parents or other close family members. All of the entries received were displayed on the walls of the Wellington Co-op, which hosted the contest.

As a thank you to the youngsters, the contest organizers held a draw on Friday to give away all kinds of great prizes. Lennon Marshall from kindergarten won the top prize, a Galaxy tablet donated by the Wellington Co-op. Isabelle Gallant from Grade 5 won a $100 cash prize while Samuel Gallant from Grade 2 won $50 cash.

Other prizes and winners with their grades:
• Plastic horseshoe game: Mireille Bernard (5th), Catherine Boisclair (4th), Emma Arsenault (6th), Leah Bureaux (6th), Luc Arsenault (5th), Benjamin Adams (4th), Jake MacDonald (3rd) and Owen Caissie (6th)
• Small flashlights: Sarah Wagner (4th), Bryson Wilson (6th), Zoé Bernard (5th), Audric Gallant (5th), Janie Arsenault (4th), Benoit Arsenault (4th), Jessie Gallant (6th), Amélie Côté (5th) and Félix Bernard (5th)
• Metal drinking straws: Alexa Richard (5th), Reagan Walsh (4th) and Émilie MacNeil-Clow (6th)
• Toques: Kale Adams (4th), Kaleb (5th), Kallie Gallant (3rd) and Doriane Essama (6th).
• CBDC promotional tools: Kailie Arsenault (2nd)
• Small Monopoly game: Ella MacDonald (2nd)
• $10 cash prizes: Austin MacPhee Lane (6th), Maya Arsenault (4th), Olivia Milligan (4th), Isaac Arsenault (4th), Charlotte Smith (4th), Charlee Yeo (5th), Hailey Jeffery (5th), Justin Gallant (5th), Dylan Gallant (5th), Jackson Poirier (6th), Casen Arsenault (6th), Damien Bernard (6th), Walker Bernard (6th), Leah Arsenault (4th), Jaylynn Perry (4th), Emersyn Caissie (4th), Addison Short (4th), Magalie Perry (2nd), Luke Poirier (6th) and Cheyenne Gillis.

These prizes were contributed by the Wellington Co-op, MacDonald Insurance & Investments (The Co-operators), the Acadian and Francophone Chamber of Commerce of PEI, Shop & Play and the Wellington Rural Action Centre.

Contest organizers included the Wellington Co-op, CCAFLIPE, Wellington RAC, Provincial Credit Union (Evangeline Branch) and the Conseil scolaire-communautaire Évangéline.



PHOTO 1: The winners of the top three prizes in the Co-op and Small Business Week drawing contest, all from Evangeline School, were awarded Oct. 24. Annette Richard of the Conseil scolaire-communautaire Évangéline (left) and Susan Arsenault of the Wellington Co-op present the prizes to Lennon Marshall from kindergarten (a Galaxy tablet), Samuel Gallant from Grade 2 ($50) and Isabelle Gallant from Grade 5 ($100). All had great reactions when they were told they had won these prizes.

PHOTO 2: Kindergarten student Lennon Marshall drew a beautiful multi-coloured caterpillar as an entry in the Co-op and Small Business Week drawing contest and won a Galaxy tablet from the Wellington Co-op.

PHOTO 3: Organizers of the Co-op and Small Business Week Children’s Drawing Contest gathered Friday afternoon to draw from the names of the contest participants. Pictured from left are Raymond J. Arsenault of the Acadian and Francophone Chamber of Commerce of PEI and Annette Richard of the Conseil scolaire-communautaire Évangéline showing two of the winning prizes, Chris O’Brien of the Wellington Co-op showing the main prize, a Galaxy tablet, and the winning drawing of Lennon Marshall from kindergarten, and Jessica Gallant of the Provincial Credit Union (Evangeline branch). They can be seen in front of several of the submitted drawings.