Drawing contest for children to help to promote co-ops and businesses

ABRAM-VILLAGE – Oct. 1, 2020 – Several community, co-operative and economic partners have joined forces to organize a first drawing contest for children and youth under the age of 18 years. The goal is to teach the children more about the co-ops and businesses that operate in their community – and to give them a chance to win a beautiful 24-inch Cadbury bicycle or a variety of other prizes.

Organized during Co-op and Small Business Weeks (Oct. 11-24), the contest simply invites youth to draw a picture of a local co-op or business on a contest entry form and submit it to their teacher at Evangeline School or in a designated box at the Wellington Co-op.

The contest begins Oct. 5. Youth can obtain a contest entry form at Évangéline School or at Wellington Co-op; they can also download the form from https://bit.ly/3jlYntQ. Youth will then have until Sunday, Oct. 11, to submit their drawings. Their creations will be posted on the walls of the Co-op and, if necessary, in the hallways of the Place du Village mini-mall so that residents of the community can appreciate them as well. On Oct. 23rd, draws will be held to determine the winners of the bicycle and various other prizes.

« We encourage parents or grandparents to talk to the kids about local co-ops and businesses and maybe even take them on a sight-seeing tour or a visit of these places, » says Nick Arsenault, executive director of the Conseil scolaire-communautaire Évangéline, which is helping to coordinate the contest. « We hope that children can learn about the value of these co-ops and businesses to the economy and survival of our region, from the perspective of the services and products they provide, the jobs they create and the charitable contributions they make to our community.”

He adds that the young participants are encouraged to be creative. « You don’t have to limit yourself to drawing the building of the co-op or business you’ve chosen. You can, for example, draw an employee doing his or her job or a customer coming in to ask for a service. Let your imagination run free, » suggests Arsenault.

Among the prize suppliers will be the Wellington Co-op (which is providing the bike), the Évangéline-Central Credit Union, he Conseil scolaire-communautaire Évangéline, RDÉE Prince Edward Island, the Wellington Rural Action Centre and the Acadian and Francophone Chamber of Commerce of PEI.



PHOTO: From left, Diane McInnis from Évangéline-Central Credit Union, Nick Arsenault from the Conseil scolaire-communautaire Évangéline, Raymond J. Arsenault from the Acadian and Francophone Chamber of Commerce of PEI and Annette Doherty from Wellington Co-op, display some of the prizes that will be won, including this Cadbury bicycle, during a drawing contest to promote co-ops and businesses. The contest runs Oct. 5-11.



For more information:
Nick Arsenault
Executive Director
Conseil scolaire-communautaire Évangéline
(902) 854-2166