Evangeline region will no longer pursue wind farm project

WELLINGTON, PEI – Sept. 27,  2012 – Having learned that wind conditions in the Evangeline region are not sufficiently favorable for wind energy production, the V’là l’bon vent Co-operative has decided not to pursue its plan to establish a wind farm.

Speaking on behalf of the co-op’s Management Committee, the president of the Baie Acadienne Development Corporation, Angèle Arsenault, confirmed that an Island expert in wind energy analyzed the wind data that had been gathered with the help of a tower placed in the forest along the Cannontown Road (between Abram’s Village and St. Timothy, away from homes and businesses), precisely the area where the wind farm would have been established.

“The analysis revealed, to our committee’s great surprise, that the wind conditions in the designated area are not nearly as good as those in several other regions of PEI that are also interested in producing wind energy,” said Arsenault.

The expert explained to the committee that a wind farm in the Cannontown region could produce a certain amount of energy, but that the profit margin of the project would end up being considerably less than always anticipated.


It has already been several years since the Baie Acadienne Development Corporation and then the V’là l’bon vent Co-op began researching the idea of developing an eventual wind farm. The project had evolved and had been modified several times as the committee learned new information and as market tendencies changed.

Taking into considering the recent news as well as all the other information that had been collected over the years, the Management Committee has decided to abandon the project and to dissolve the co-op that had been formed to manage it.


“We are certainly sorry that we have to deliver this news since we really thought that this project could be viable and profitable for landowners, members of the Co-op as well as our entire community,” added Arsenault.

However, she affirmed that the committee is pleased that it took all the time necessary to fully study all sides of the question.


For more information:
Angèle Arsenault, president
Baie Acadienne Development Corporation
(parent organization of the V’là l’bon vent Co-operative)
(902) 854-2951