First big winner in Co-op contest

WELLINGTON, PEI – July 18, 2012 – Léona Bernard of Maximeville was all excited to learn that she is the first big winner of a new contest hosted by Wellington Co-op to encourage people to use reusable shopping bags to bring home their purchases from the store.

Co-op manager Ricky Arsenault is shown presenting her with her prize: a barbecue worth $100 as well as gift cards worth another $100.

Each time customers bring their own reusable shopping bags, they get a ballot for the next draw, which will always be held on the first of each month.

Each draw will be for gift cards and/or merchandise with a total value of at least $200.

The co-op spends $8,000 every year to purchase 200,000 plastic bags; it wants to reduce these numbers.

In the past, the co-op would reimburse clients five cents per reusable bag they used.

The directors hope this new contest will have a huge impact, not only on the co-op’s finances but also on the local environment.

For more info:
Angèle Arsenault
Accountant, Wellington Coop
(902) 854- 2951