A first-ever Acadian Festival “Reversed Parade” slated for Sept. 5

ABRAM-VILLAGE – Aug. 18, 2021 – Due to pandemic restrictions, the Evangeline Area Agricultural Exhibition and Acadian Festival will not be able to hold its annual parade again this year – at least not in its regular format. “The board of directors thought that if the parade can’t come to us, maybe we could go to the parade,” says president Jeanne Gallant.

And so the concept of “The Reversed Parade” was born: organizations, businesses and individuals will still prepare parade entries (such as floats and such), but will leave them at home. And it will instead be people who will be travelling around the area on Sunday, Sept. 5, between 10:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m., to visit the entries.

Gallant explains: “We invite people to decorate their homes, businesses, yards, cars or floats in bright colors to help us celebrate the 2021 theme: 50 Years… Let’s Celebrate the Festival! The Acadian flag or its colors should of course be part of the decor. You could incorporate historical elements to represent the last half century of the Festival.”

“People can also represent components of the Agricultural Exhibition with animals, equipment and farm products or things to represent the fishing industry, such as boats, lobster traps, nets or buoys. And of course, people are encouraged to include human, cultural and artistic dimensions – so it would be good to include comedy, dance or music and singing, either recorded or preferably live, just as we usually do in our regular parade.”


Those preparing « entries » are then invited to register them on the Festival master list by calling (902) 854-3517 or emailing expositionfestival@gmail.com. A list and map of all the places to visit will then be distributed, especially via the Evangeline Agricultural Exhibition and Acadian Festival Facebook page. The public will be able to follow the “map” to visit all the decorated locations participating in “Reversed Parade”. Visitors will however be asked to not get out of their cars as they visit the entries.

“We realize that some people who are interested in presenting an entry would not be able to present one because of access challenges or without creating unsafe traffic situations. So, those who prefer not to present these entries at home can set them up in the parking lot of Evangeline School or the Evangeline Recreation Centre in Abram-Village,” said Gallant. “All you have to do is tell us your preference when you sign up and we will reserve a space for you. Then in the tour map, we will indicate your location.”

It is during those two hours on Sunday morning that the secret judges will visit all the sites. They will then award prizes for the top three entries, as well as for the best representation of Acadian culture, the most innovative and/or original entry, the children’s entry, the funniest entry, and the People’s Choice Award. To vote for this last award, people will just have to visit the website www.expositionfestival.ca, 2021 section, and click on the link dedicated to this purpose.


PHOTO 1: During a recent edition of the parade of the Evangeline Area Agricultural Exhibition and the Acadian Festival, the entry called “Pépé’s Circus”, prepared by Pierre Arsenault, had attracted much attention and admiration. This year, the parade will be reversed.

PHOTO 2: Paula Gallant played the role of a beautiful clown in the Acadian Festival parade a couple of years ago.

PHOTO 3: Robert Arsenault of Urbainville Farms was tied to one of his big farm machines for one of the Acadian Festival parades.


For more information, please contact
Jeanne Gallant, President
Evangeline Area Agricultural Exhibition and Acadian Festival
(902) 854-3287