Four long-time entrepreneurs inducted into Acadian Business Hall of Fame

ABRAM-VILLAGE – April 10, 2022 – It’s official: the four long-time entrepreneurs and managers who were nominated to the Acadian and Francophone Business Hall of Fame of PEI last fall have been inducted and honoured for their 55 to 77 years of contribution to the provincial economy.

During the 20th edition of the Acadian Entrepreneurs’ Gala in Abram-Village on Saturday, April 9, the Acadian and Francophone Chamber of Commerce of PEI (CCAFLIPE) officially proclaimed the induction of retired fisherman Alcide Arsenault of Cape Egmont, active farmer Julien Bernard of St. Philippe, retired mechanic Franky Arsenault of Wellington and retired multi-entrepreneur/manager Antoine Richard of Wellington (formerly of Mont-Carmel). Lieutenant Governor Antoinette Perry and the Hall of Fame’s official sponsor, Provincial Credit Union, helped with the induction ceremony.

Plaques bearing the names and photos of the inductees are now permanently affixed to the Hall of Fame’s wall of honour at the Wellington Rural Action Centre. The four each received a reproduction of their plaque and a souvenir trophy to commemorate this momentous occasion.

« When we established this Hall of Fame, it was to honour people like the four of you: all pillars of our communities who have contributed to our economy for decades and decades, » said Pierre Gallant, spokesperson for CCAFLIPE, as he addressed the inductees in his welcome message.

In fact, the criteria for admission to the Hall of Fame states that nominees must have at least 25 years of entrepreneurial experience, as the award is intended to honour entrepreneurs or businesspeople who have distinguished themselves by their efforts and accomplishments throughout their career. It is a kind of « life-time achievement award », hence the Chamber’s highest honour. The nominees could be retired or still working.

The applause of the record crowd at the Gala was a testament to the respect of all for Mr. Bernard, Mr. Richard and the two Mr. Arsenaults. In turn, the four inductees indicated that they were very appreciative of the honour and were humbled by the recognition.


PHOTO: The four long-time entrepreneurs who were inducted into the PEI Acadian and Francophone Business Hall of Fame at the 2022 Acadian Entrepreneurs’ Gala in Abram-Village on April 9 were, seated from left, fisherman Alcide Arsenault, mechanic Franky Arsenault, farmer Julien Bernard and multi-entrepreneur and manager Antoine Richard. They are accompanied by Dr. Christian Lacroix, president of RDÉE Prince Edward Island, Lieutenant Governor Antoinette Perry and Chamber of Commerce spokesperson Pierre Gallant.


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PHOTO: Alfred Arsenault, chief of operations for the Provincial Credit Union (sponsor of the Business Hall of Fame) and Lieutenant Governor Antoinette Perry proudly presented a trophy and a replica of the Hall of Fame plaque to Alcide Arsenault.

ALCIDE ARSENAULT – Alcide Arsenault of Cape Egmont has surely set an Island record for the longest career on the sea with his 77 years of experience! Starting as a fisherman’s helper in 1944, he has fished many different species over the years. However, it is lobster that he fished the most. In addition, for 11 years, he even participated in both lobster fishing seasons, off the North Shore in the spring and the South Shore in the fall.

Alcide bought his first boat in 1969. Three years later, he bought his own gear and fishing license for the South Shore. Over the years, Alcide volunteered his time to many organizations, including the Prince County Fishermen’s Association, the former Evangeline Credit Union and the Mont-Carmel Co-op. He also served as harbour manager at the Cape Egmont Wharf for many years. He has received several awards during his career.

Alcide has always strictly followed all Department of Fisheries and Oceans regulations, including the use of biodegradable twine and escape mechanisms on his lobster traps to help ensure the sustainability of the industry. Just last year, Alcide announced that he was retiring. His long career as a fisherman and his many hours of volunteer work entitled him to slow down a bit at the age of 91 years.


PHOTO: Alfred Arsenault, chief of operations for the Provincial Credit Union (sponsor of the Business Hall of Fame) and Lieutenant Governor Antoinette Perry proudly presented a trophy and a replica of the Hall of Fame plaque to Antoine Richard.

ANTOINE RICHARD – A native of Mont-Carmel, Antoine Richard has had a long career and has worn many hats over the years. He first owned the general store « Le Marchand de Mont-Carmel », which he obtained from his father, for 15 years. He then owned Richard’s Service Station, a garage selling Irving products, for 18 years. During this time, Richard also sold cars, which led him to work for A.E. MacLellan’s Pontiac car dealership.

He became the first development officer for the former St. Thomas Aquinas Society. He then held various positions within the federal public service, including manager of the Wellington Employment Centre, until his first retirement in 1992. Shortly thereafter, the board of directors of the Chez-Nous Co-op was able to convince Richard to take on the manager position. He kept working there until 2005.

Many organizations have benefited from Richard’s leadership, including the PEI School Boards Association, the Société Nationale de l’Acadie, the Catholic Scouts of Canada, La Voix acadienne, the Prince County Hospital and the Club Richelieu Évangéline.

Among the many awards and recognitions he has received are the Order of Canada, the Order of Prince Edward Island, Acadian of the Year from the Evangeline Area Agricultural Exhibition and Acadian Festival, and the Léger-Comeau Medal from the Société Nationale de l’Acadie. Richard was also given the honour of hosting Queen Elizabeth during her royal visit to Mont-Carmel in 1973.


PHOTO: Alfred Arsenault, chief of operations for the Provincial Credit Union (sponsor of the Business Hall of Fame) and Lieutenant Governor Antoinette Perry proudly presented a trophy and a replica of the Hall of Fame plaque to Franky Arsenault.

FRANKY ARSENAULT – After completing courses as a welder and mechanic, Franky Arsenault began his career path in 1969 by becoming the owner, with his brother Ivan, of the Texaco station in Wellington, where he had previously worked for eight years. Only two years later, he established Frank’s Boathauling.

Arsenault juggled the two businesses for 14 years before he and his brother sold the gas station. Franky then built his own garage, called Frank’s Service Centre, next door. For several decades, Franky was responsible for the maintenance and repair of school buses in the Evangeline area. At the same time, Arsenault started Wellington Car Sales from his garage.

The three businesses operated together for 16 years. In 2001, Arsenault decided to sell Frank’s Boathauling after 30 years of service. The other two businesses continued to operate until the fall of 2016 when Franky finally decided to retire at the age of 79. Franky still works on small projects because that’s what he loves to do.

Arsenault also proudly served the Wellington Fire Department as a volunteer firefighter for 45 years. He also served on the Wellington municipal council for 10 years and was on the board of directors of the former Evangeline Credit Union. His generosity does not only include his time; Franky has always given generously to his community both personally and as an entrepreneur.


PHOTO: Alfred Arsenault, chief of operations for the Provincial Credit Union (sponsor of the Business Hall of Fame) and Lieutenant Governor Antoinette Perry proudly presented a trophy and a replica of the Hall of Fame plaque to Julien Bernard.

JULIEN BERNARD – Julien Bernard of St. Philippe has been farming for over 60 years. At the age of 15, he started working on his father Edmond’s farm and eventually took it over. Julien also bought his uncle’s farm and about 15 other small farms in the area. In 1971, he bought his first Holstein cow and in a short time the names Julien Bernard and his Bernadale Farms became synonymous with the word « quality ». Today, the farm has about 400 cattle, including 70 dairy cows. To diversify his business, Julien started buying and exporting Holstein cows and beef cattle nationally and internationally. He estimates that he trades approximately 2,000 cattle per year.

Julien has always served on numerous boards of directors for agricultural organizations, including the Evangeline Community Pasture where, for the past 40 years, he has helped to ensure the overall management of the pasture. He also plays an important role in the agricultural exhibition and 4-H Club communities.

Julien’s cattle continually earn numerous ribbons and championships across the country. In November 2021, his farm earned the Atlantic Grand Champion Award as well as the National Reserve Grand Champion Award. Bernadale Farms also received the Ron Sampson Award from the Dairy Farmers of PEI for the quality of their product last year. Julien is still very active on the farm at the age of 76.