Islanders invited to pay forward “gifts of kindness” this year

cadeau du coeur lowresCAPE EGMONT – Dec. 5, 2014 – As Christmas quickly approaches, the Coopérative du Village des Sources l’Étoile Filante (VSEF) is encouraging everyone to offer and exchange “gifts of kindness” – gestures of caring and happiness.

“This past summer, the cold bucket-of-water fundraising campaign for ALS, Lou Gehrig’s Disease, literally splashed all over social media sites,” notes VSEF president Jeannette Gallant.  “This December, over the 24 days leading up to Christmas, instead of cooling everyone down in ice-cold water, the Village des Sources l’Étoile Filante wants to encourage everyone from our province to warm the heart of someone they know and love or of a complete stranger.”

This is a great opportunity to transform the world, she says. “Your heart and the other person’s heart will glow with warmth! When a person is on the receiving end of a kind gesture, that recipient is encouraged to invite other people to spread yet another gesture of goodness and goodwill – all in the spirit of Christmas sharing.”

Gallant says people can participate either individually, as a family, as a class, as a school, as a community or with one’s colleagues at work to make a difference in the life of a person, of a family or of a community.

“We encourage you to publish your gestures of kindness on social media sites such as Facebook #GoK or on Twitter, or on posters that will be available in various locations throughout the community, including at French language schools, so that we can build a chain of kindness throughout the world.”

She also encourages people, in this festive season, to demonstrate their generosity by making a donation to the Village des Sources l’Étoile Filante to help it organize camps for francophone youth, either directly on the organization’s website at, by sending a money transfer to or by making a deposit directly into the VSEF account at Évangéline-Central Credit Union.

“Each $20 donation will give you a chance in the draw for an overnight stay at the Centre Goéland/Village des Sources l’Étoile Filante for a maximum of 20 people,” she concludes.



CUTLINE: Jeannette Gallant, left, president of the Village des Sources l’Étoile Filante, distributes little tickets from the “Gifts of Kindness” campaign, to Micheline Gardiner of Summerside. People are invited to write down their gestures of kindness on these tickets and post them on posters located in various locations throughout the province.


For more information:
Jeannette Gallant or Darlene Arsenault
Village des Sources l’Étoile Filante
(902) 854-7435 or (902) 854-3449