Evangeline School’s entrepreneurship class starts hoodie-selling business

Proceeds to help improve sound in gym

ABRAM-VILLAGE – Nov. 22, 2013 – The nine students from Evangeline School’s entrepreneurship class have recently established a small business named « Sweatshirts c’nous » (Sweatshirts R’Us) to sell cool hoodie-type sweatshirts.

These attractive sweatshirts are navy blue on the outside and orange-yellow on the inside, to reflect the school’s colors. A starred logo with the word “Evangeline” is emblazoned across the shirt’s chest. According to the business’ president, Tyson Gallant, « The quality of these sweatshirts is very good. » He and his classmates feel these hoodies would make great Christmas gifts so he encourages everyone to buy at least one, at $35 each.

Photos of the sweatshirt and information about the business can be found on the company website at www.sweatshirtscnous.wordpress.com, on the group page www.facebook.com/sweatshirtscnous. To place an order, people may drop into or call the school at (902) 854-2491 or send an email to sweatshirtscnous@gmail.com. Buyers have an option of five sizes: small, medium, large, extra large and double-extra large.

The business will also set up a sales table at the Wellington Co-op Nov. 29-30 as well as at the school’s Christmas concert Dec. 19.

The president noted that in addition to helping keep people warm, the class will also contribute to improving the school’s infrastructure. In fact, all of their business’ profits will be donated to help improve sound quality in the school’s large gymnasium, by installing large curtains, foam sheets to reduce echo, etc.


The entrepreneurial course is part of the regular school curriculum and is offered in collaboration with Junior Achievement’s Company Program: A Student Venture. It is delivered mostly by class teacher Josée Babineau but once a week, Jeannine Arsenault, client information officer with the Wellington Rural Action Centre, meets with the class to help the students with their project.

Through the course, the nine students learn about the various steps that must be taken to establish a business, including the business plan, the financial plan, marketing, promotion, human resource management and production, among other topics. They also learn about the sale of shares since they must each sell at least 10 shares, for $10 each, to their parents, friends, teachers and other acquaintances. These investments provide the class with a bit of cash flow.

The students also learn now a board of directors works. Each week, the board meets to take important decisions about various aspects of their company’s management.

Each member of the class is assigned a particular role. In addition to the president, the business is made up of:

  • Valerie Duguay, vice-president of human resources
  • Lucas Arsenault, vice-president of finances
  • Luc Arsenault, vice-president of production
  • Ryan Arsenault, vice-president of information technology
  • Antoine Arsenault-Gallant, vice-president of information technology
  • Samuel Bernard, vice-president of marketing and sales
  • Morgan Gallant, vice-president of marketing and sales
  • Ryan Gallant, vice-president of marketing and sales

« All nine of these young entrepreneurs have jumped right into the project, » says Jeannine Arsenault. « I find that they are very much devoted to their business; they all want to see it succeed. In fact, they’ve just started selling their product and already, they’ve sold about 60 sweatshirts! I predict that some of these youth will someday become entrepreneurs when they’re adults. »

Over the last four years, the class’ businesses have won several provincial Junior Achievement awards, including for top sales and for most profits made two years in a row.


CUTLINE: Three of the partners in the « Sweatshirts c’nous » business, from Evangeline School’s entrepreneurship class, model the nice « hoodies » that they’re selling as a class project in collaboration with the Junior Achievement program. The models are Ryan Arsenault, left, Valerie Duguay and Ryan Gallant.

For more information:

Jeannine Arsenault
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Josée Babineau
Entrepreneurship Class teach
Evangeline School
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Tyson Gallant
Sweatshirts c’nous
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