« The Importance of Cultural Diversity in the Workplace » to be discussed during sessions in Charlottetown and Summerside

CHARLOTTETOWN, PEI – Feb. 7, 2014 – Employers, entrepreneurs and managers of community organizations will soon have an opportunity to discuss and discover « The Importance of Cultural Diversity in the Workplace » during two free meal-time sessions in March.

Aerospace engineer Jean-Pierre Huot, the senior vice-president of MDS Coating Technologies in Slemon Park, will give a presentation on this theme, to start the discussion, during a supper-and-learn session in French Friday, March 7, at 4:45 p.m. at the Carrefour de l’Isle-Saint-Jean at 5 Acadian Drive in Charlottetown and during a lunch-and-learn in English Tuesday, March 11, at 12 noon in the Summerside Chamber of Commerce board room in the Harbour Quay building at 263 Harbour Dr., Summerside.

During his three decades of work in the Canadian aerospace industry, including right here in PEI, Huot has had the opportunity of working with people originating from a number of cultural and ethnic backgrounds. His work also often brings him to destinations all over the globe, where he continually discovers new cultural customs and traditions that enrich both his personal and professional life.

The managers of RDÉE Prince Edward Island’s LIENS project (Linking economic immigration to our successes) decided to invite him to speak about his experience with discovering these new cultures and about the advantages and benefits that businesses gain when they have staff of diverse origins and knowledge.

« We are extremely grateful that Mr. Huot, who is a board member of the RDÉE, has accepted to make these presentations, » said Catherine Rioux, coordinator of the LIENS project.

To participate free of charge in these free meal-time presentations, please contact Rioux at (902) 370-7333, Ext. 404, or at catherine@rdeeipe.org by March 5. A meal will be provided.


CUTLINE: Jean-Pierre Huot, an aerospace engineer from Summerside, will lead a discussion on « The Importance of Cultural Diversity in the Workplace » during two free meal-time sessions in Charlottetown and Sumerside.

For more information:
Catherine Rioux
LIENS project coordinator
(902) 370-7333, Ext. 404