PEI’s Martin Marcoux elected to new national RDÉE Canada board

OTTAWA, November 30, 2011 – RDÉE Canada (Economic Development and Employability Network) is pleased to introduce its new board of directors. During its extraordinary general meeting this week in Ottawa, the organization appointed 12 new members to its existing board.

Under the leadership of Collin Bourgeois, re-elected as the board’s president, the group now represents all provinces and territories. Martin Marcoux of Charlottetown, president of RDÉE Prince Edward Island, is the new Island representative on the board.

« We are at the dawn of a new era. In a spirit of renewal and restructuring, RDÉE Canada reviewed its governance this year in order to best serve the needs expressed by its network in terms of RDÉE representation on its board of directors. From now on, each province and territory will be represented by one delegate, except for Ontario, which now has three, and New Brunswick, which has two. We have surrounded ourselves with extremely experienced people who are committed to the economic development of Francophone and Acadian communities,” noted Bourgeois.

As architect of Francophone and Acadian community economic development, RDÉE Canada has been actively contributing to Canadian economic growth for more than 13 years, in partnership with the 12 provincial and territorial RDÉEs in the national network. The board members will be able to combine their strengths and experience to implement RDÉE’s national planning and thus ensure a better economic future for Francophones. In the short, medium and long term, they will help build and sustain a management approach focused on efficiency and productivity.

RDÉE Canada will have the support of a top-notch board of directors. The 15 members bring to the table a vast array of related knowledge, a wide variety of experience, and specialized, proven expertise in a number of areas. Following is a list of the board members and the provinces and territories they represent:

Collin Bourgeois, President, Ontario
Michel Matifat, Vice-President, British Columbia
Gilles Lanteigne, Treasurer, New Brunswick
Jean-François Pitre, Secretary, Northwest Territories
Michel St-Arnaud, Director, Alberta
Jason Nystrom, Director, Saskatchewan
Guy Gagnon, Director, Manitoba
Denis Laframboise, Director, Ontario
Norman St-Amour, Director, Ontario
Bernard Savoie, Director, New Brunswick
Guy J. Le Blanc, Director, Nova Scotia
Martin Marcoux, Director, Prince Edward Island
Cyr Couturier, Director, Newfoundland and Labrador
Éric Caouette, Director, Nunavut
Josée Belisle, Director, Yukon

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Karine Silva
Director of Communications, RDÉE Canada