Record-breaking school food drive: $3343.86 worth of food donated

TYNE VALLEY – Nov. 3, 2023 – The eight high school students who coordinated a food drive at Évangéline School in October were completely blown away to learn that their work had led to the collection of 430.91 kg of food with a combined value of $3,343.86!

This amount represents, by an impressive margin, a record for the food drive, which takes place in collaboration with various community organizations during Co-op and Small Business Week. The largest amount ever raised by the school was valued at $2,200.

These students from Ms. Claudine Blaquière’s volleyball specialization class had just loaded the heavy boxes full of food into cars to take to the Tyne Valley branch of the West Prince Caring Cupboard (WPCC) food bank. They had lugged them into the building, weighed them and had just started sorting the food when they were told the grand total.

Diane McInnis, marketing officer at Provincial Credit Union, Évangéline branch, and Raymond J. Arsenault, manager of the Acadian and Francophone Chamber of Commerce of PEI, were also delighted with the good news, as they had helped transport the food to the bank and helped organize and promote the drive.

A few minutes earlier, the Wellington Co-op had delivered the community food drive’s contributions to the WPCC, valued at $1,762.60 (including some cash and a few knitted pieces). The students also helped sort this wonderful food contribution.

WPCC coordinators Verna Barlow and Doug Leblanc were also stunned to see so much food – with a combined value of $5,110.04 – arrive at their little food bank all at one time. Even though their storage space isn’t that large, Leblanc said they never turn down donations, especially since so many people need help feeding their families these days.

Barlow and Leblanc expressed their endless gratitude to the students, the Wellington Co-op and other partners for organizing these food drives. Thanks to these efforts, they said, many families will not go hungry this fall.

The community and school food drives are the result of a joint initiative between Évangéline School, Provincial Credit Union (Évangéline branch), Wellington Co-op, the Acadian and Francophone Chamber of Commerce of PEI and various other partners.



PHOTO 1: Verna Barlow, co-coordinator of the West Prince Caring Cupboard, Tyne Valley branch, explains the food storage process to students Keera Gallant, left, and Danika Richard from Évangéline School.

PHOTO 2: Évangéline School’s volleyball specialization class went to the West Prince Caring Cupboard’s Tyne Valley food bank Nov. 1 to deliver a record of $3,343.86 worth of non-perishable food. Pictured from left are students Taylor Hardy, Gabrielle Gallant, Jillian McInnis, teacher Claudine Blaquière, WPCC co-coordinator Verna Barlow, Danika Richard, Keera Gallant, WPCC co-coordinator Doug Leblanc, Emily Arsenault, Samantha Arsenault and Alexandra Mitchell.

PHOTO 3: Volunteer Marie Barlow of the West Prince Caring Cupboard, Tyne Valley Branch, tabulates the value of the many food items contributed by Évangéline School, while Diane McInnis, Marketing Officer of Provincial Credit Union, Évangéline Branch, waits for the final tally.

PHOTO 4: From left, Emily Arsenault, Taylor Hardy, teacher Claudine Blaquière, Raymond J. Arsenault of the Acadian and Francophone Chamber of Commerce of PEI, Jillian McInnis, Diane McInnis of the Provincial Credit Union’s Évangéline branch, Samantha Arsenault, Alexandra Mitchell, Danika Richard, Keera Gallant and Gabrielle Gallant.