Second edition of leadership program launched with energetic and motivating weekend

WOODSTOCK – Nov. 3, 2020 –
Seventeen teens and young adults from across the province came out of the first weekend of the « Faut que ça grouille! » (FQCG) program, pumped, energized and super-motivated to reach their full potential and give back to their communities. Presentations by extraordinary motivational speakers Brian Gallant and Tyler Hayden helped to give them this wonderful kickoff.

Organizers Imelda Arsenault and Gilles Arsenault are very pleased to see that the second edition of this community engagement program got off on the right food. RDÉE Prince Edward Island set up this program last year to encourage the new generation – including high school students, post-secondary students and young people at the beginning of their careers – to become more involved as community volunteers and thus become the next generation for the older people who are now doing this work. The first edition was a great success, so it was decided to try it a second time.

About 20 young people are registered for this second edition of the program, which will run until the end of the spring of 2021. The youth will have the opportunity to participate in several weekend workshops throughout the province to develop their leadership skills; they will then be asked to lead a community project of their choice, either individually or in a group.


Their first weekend, held at the Mill River Resort in Woodstock, began on the evening of Friday, Oct. 23rd, obviously in an atmosphere of social distancing. An icebreaker game was played to help the participants to get to know each other. After supper, the facilitators explained the program, its components and their expectations to the youth.

The motivational portion of the weekend was launched on the morning of Saturday, Oct. 24th, with presentation by Brian Gallant, former premier of New Brunswick who is now chief executive officer of the Canadian Centre for the Purpose of the Corporation. Addressing the theme “Positive Leadership: Pursuing our reason for being here”, Gallant encouraged the young people to set goals based on their values, personalities and the impact they want to have on the world and their community. He told them how, from a very young age, he set a goal of becoming premier of his province. He then explained how he achieved that goal at the age of only 32, after working to combat the inequality of opportunity among New Brunswick families.

Gallant focused on the concept of IKIGAI, which includes all the components necessary for a balanced life and career. Participants latched eagerly onto this concept. They then had the opportunity to meet with the speaker in small groups to discuss matters more specific to their own lives and goals.


From his very first words, energetic motivational speaker Tyler Hayden from Nova Scotia proved why he is so popular in the field of team building. He focused on presenting participatory activities to encourage the youth to work better together. He taught them the importance of concentrating and focussing to attain personal and professional success. To achieve one’s goals, one must take one step at a time and make sure to focus all efforts in the right direction. “Energy flows where attention goes,” he said.

The “Faut que ça grouille!” program is funded by the Canada Service Corps.


PHOTO 1: Speaker Tyler Hayden, center, inspired young adults like Marie Dubé and Patrick Bernard with his motivational exercises during the recent first weekend of the “Faut que ça grouille!” program.

PHOTO 2: Speaker Brian Gallant, left, chats with youths Frédéric Morency and Katrina Rayner, outside during the first weekend of the “Faut que ça grouille!” weekend in Woodstock.

PHOTO 3: Participants from the second edition of the “Faut que ça grouille!” program.


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