Winners of Evangeline School food drive competition

ABRAM-VILLAGE – Oct. 24, 2017 – The seventh-grade class of Denise Millette-Caissie from Evangeline School has just earned a $100 prize for having collected the largest quantity of non-perishable foods (120 items) in a competition with all the other classes.

In total, the school contributed some 500 food items to the West Prince Caring Cupboard (Tyne Valley Branch) during a school food drive organized on the occasion of Co-op and Small Business Week.

In the middle of the photo, Diane McInnis, marketing and communications officer with Evangeline-Central Credit Union, is seen presenting the prize to Claudine Blaquière, teacher of the social studies class that coordinated the food drive. They are surrounded by the winning class as well as the food that was collected. The prize money comes from the Wellington Co-op and the Evangeline-Central Credit Union.