Looking for young workers for Youth Services Co-op

In Evangeline and Charlottetown for this summer

COOP SERVICE JEUNESSE 2014 lowresWELLINGTON, PEI – June 13, 2014 – The Youth Services Co-op is looking for young workers from the Evangeline and Charlottetown areas, aged 13-16 years, who are ready to work a few hours a week this summer to earn some spending money.

Co-ordinator Daniel Gallant says again this year, the young workers could do jobs – such as mowing lawns, painting, gardening, babysitting, cleaning garages and house cleaning – for individuals, organizations and businesses from their local community, according to their skills and interests.

“In addition, this service is structured under a co-op model so the youth will learn how co-ops operate,” explains Arsenault. “They’ll elect an executive among themselves and will learn how to manage the affairs of a small worker co-op.”

He said the young workers will be paid minimum wage for their efforts, but clients will be invoiced a small supplementary amount to help pay promotional and administrative expenses.

« The co-op has been in operation in the Evangeline area for quite a few years but this is the first time we’re trying to set up such a service in the Charlottetown area, » he noted. « We therefore hope that youth and the community will respond to the call. »

All those interested in signing up or in finding out more information are urged to immediately contact Gallant at his Charlottetown office at (902) 370-7333, Ext. 407, at by email at daniel@rdeeipe.org.

To place work orders, the people of Charlottetown can contact Gallant directly while people from the Evangeline region can contact Jeannine Arsenault at the Wellington Rural Action Centre in Wellington at (902) 854-2328, ext. 228, or jeannine@rdeeipe.org.

The work orders can be for a few hours or a few days or even a few weeks, depending on the clients’ needs. They can also be for one or more youth.

The Youth Services Co-op (Coopérative service jeunesse) is a joint initiative of the Conseil de développement coopératif and RDÉE Prince Edward Island Inc. It will operate for the months of July and August.


Daniel Gallant, coordinator of the Youth Services Co-op, shows a few of the tools that youth could get to use when they sign up to serve the community and make a few dollars in the bargain.
For more information:
Daniel Gallant
Co-ordinator, Youth Services Co-op
(902) 370-7333, Ext. 407